Selecting Colors for the Rooms in your House: The Peacock Palette

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Having a place to call your own is one of our ultimate dreams. Since we were kids, we’ve been taught that owning a home is one of the proofs of a successful life. While this is arguable, one thing’s for sure – picking the right color for your home is definitely one of the hardest decisions to make.

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Certain questions concerning this decision are really hard to answer, like “Which color will make the house more lively?” “Will everyone in the house agree to this color?” “Which one will remain trendy even after a few years?” These questions lead to only one color that’s why it’s hard to decide.

So instead of picking only one color, why don’t you select a palette that contains various but coordinated colors that create a certain mood inside your house? A palette is more flexible, less stiff, and more creative! This is perfect for homes with families.

Today, we’re looking into one playful palette that will keep your home vibrant and forever trendy –  the peacock palette. Here’s how you can apply this to your home.


Navy blue kitchen 

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Let’s start with this powerful and elegant color. Navy blue is the darkest shade in the peacock palette and it is best applied in the walls or cabinets of your kitchen.

This sophisticated color lends an ambiance of authority and is relatively strong so it’s perfect for the cooking activities you perform in your kitchen. Stains will not be obvious in navy blue. It also keeps you awake and alive while preparing food for your family.


Teal for kids’ room

With this cool color, your kids can surely go to sleep with much ease and comfort. Teal is the most invigorating color in the peacock palette and it fits the lightness and playfulness of your kids.


Pale blue for teenager’s room

Pale blue lends an airy and soft ambiance that your teenagers will love. This tone fits the youthful soul of your teenage kids. Who knows? This might keep your teenagers inside their bedroom instead of hanging out on parties all the time.


Sunny yellow living room 

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Literally accept your visitors with warmth by allowing them to relax in the bright and sunny living room of your house. Don’t just settle with one yellow tone but play around the different hues of this welcoming and happy color.

There are so many items and decors inside your living room that you can dress in yellow. If your living room is wide, then you can even add touches of other colors in this palette to the give life to this most visited space in your house.


Charcoal and white master’s bedroom

Isn’t it nice to retire in a dimly-lit room with charcoal walls and subtle white touches (or the other way around) after a stressful day at work? This is exactly what charcoal walls and white undertones can bring you.

If you’re not a fan of dark rooms, then you can paint your walls white and opt for charcoal or deep gray fixtures, decorations, and beddings.

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