AHS updates surgical waiting list with robocalls – LacombeOnline.com

After patients posted photos of hospital wait times of more than 17 hours, Alberta Health Services (AHS) launched a surgical waiting list with robocalls.

Patients on surgical waiting lists in Alberta Health Services (AHS) Central Zone can expect to receive an automated phone call or voicemail as part of an initiative to update update surgical waiting lists.

Patients will be asked to confirm that AHS has contacted the correct person. As part of the waitlist status confirmation process, the surgical waitlist management team will ask for the patient’s provincial health number and date of birth to confirm their identity.

Patients who hang up or do not call back will not have their waitlist position affected.

We remind patients that AHS will never ask for financial information or personal information other than your provincial health insurance number or date of birth during these calls. If the phone call or voicemail asks for additional information, such as a social insurance number or banking information, do not provide that information or return the call.

To help patients determine that the call is not a scam, a Web page was created describing the scripts used for each area.

This initiative is part of AHS’ surgical recovery plan, which includes other strategies to reduce waiting lists for elective scheduled surgeries. The first phase of this pilot project in the Edmonton AHS zone reduced the wait list for surgery in the pilot units by 5.6%.

Alberta Health Services is the provincial health authority responsible for planning and delivering health supports and services to more than four million adults and children living in Alberta. Its mission is to provide a patient-centered, accessible and sustainable quality health care system for all Albertans.

Christine E. Phillips