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ArcelorMittal Liberia, PREVAIL and management of John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital unveiled three landmark projects at Monrovia Referral Hospital.

They include the central laboratory of the surgical department (ArcelorMittal and JFKMC) / first post-war microbiology laboratory (PREVAIL and JFKMC), the central pharmacy (PREVAIL and JFKMC) and a dental clinic.

The three co-funded projects were undertaken in partnership with the Partnership for Ebola Vaccine in Liberia (PREVAIL)

ArcelorMittal would have contributed 40,000 USD to make the surgical service modern and functional.

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, who graced the ceremony, said she was grateful and described the facility’s dedication as a great day and an opportunity to see the positive things happening at the referral hospital.

“We expect a lot more from this hospital. It is our reference hospital and I know it has been a difficult walk, but thank you to our partners”.

The vice president asked JFK partners and management to set up a specialized treatment center for youth drug addiction.

Vice President Jewel-Howard Taylor makes remarks

“We actually need a medical detoxification wing for our young people. We have hundreds and thousands of young drug addicts and we have no way to deal with them,” she added.

According to the vice president, mental health hospitals are grappling with the addiction situation, and she believes JFK has the capacity to deal with such a situation if the hospital sets up a specialized unit.

She also wants the JFK administration to ensure that DNA machines used to test rape victims are functional at all times to deter and punish those convicted of rape and sexual abuse.

ArcelorMittal Liberia Government and Community Relations Manager Michael Wleh, speaking on behalf of the company, said AML is pleased to be associated with JFK Medical Center.

This, he added, “further strengthens its association with Liberia’s health sector.”

“I am proud to say that Arcelor Mittal has been a leader in the private sector supporting healthcare initiatives since the Ebola outbreak.

He continued “we led the Ebola Private Sector Management Group…to support Liberia’s Ebola response to COVID where we were one of the key private sector partners to support the COVID-19 response”

He said supporting JFK is part of “our” partnership mission, noting that AML believes that a strong partnership with the private sector can help drive development in Liberia.

The ArcelorMittal official also disclosed that the concession is currently carrying out massive works on the Sanniquellie General Hospital, with the concession’s own healthcare facilities undergoing huge upgrades.

Mr. Wleh concluded that ArcelorMittal will continue to support the health sector, especially at the county and community level where it is already contributing to the relocation process of the Sanniquellie public health facility.

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Christine E. Phillips