Checkpoint Surgical Announces Organizational Changes to Support the Company’s Rapid Growth in the Nerve Care Market

CLEVELAND, September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Checkpoint Surgical today announced the transition from Len Cosentino from President and CEO to Founder and Executive Advisor. In addition, several other organizational changes to support the company’s rapid growth have recently been made. Checkpoint Surgical manufactures surgical devices for intraoperative nerve care.

Len Cosentinowho has served as president and chief executive officer since Checkpoint Surgical’s inception in 2009, will become a founder and executive advisor and will continue to play an active role in the company. Derek Lewiswho had served as vice president of R&D and operations at Checkpoint Surgical since 2018, was promoted to president and chief executive officer.

“Over the past five years, Derek has led a significant expansion of the company’s product line for intraoperative nerve care. His contributions have been integral to the success of Checkpoint Surgical,” said Len. “Derek has my full confidence and support in leading the company towards fulfilling our nerve care mission and our vision to become the preeminent nerve care company in the market.”

Derek brings to this position considerable experience and a track record of success in the medical device industry. Prior to joining Checkpoint Surgical, he held senior operations and R&D positions at Exsomed Surgical and Next Step Arthropedix. In each of these roles, his team successfully launched the organization’s first products in the US market. Previously, Derek served as COO of OrthoHelix Surgical Designs, an extremities start-up acquired by Tornier in 2012. Under his leadership, Derek’s R&D and operations teams quickly brought innovative products to market. After the sale of OrthoHelix to Tornier, Derek served as Vice President of the Lower Extremity Business Unit at Tornier.

Commenting on Len’s contributions to the success of Checkpoint Surgical, Derek said, “When startups fail, it’s often due to a weak founding team. Under Len’s leadership, that was never the case at Checkpoint Surgical. and led an exceptional team. Checkpoint Surgical’s many accomplishments demonstrate its unwavering commitment to our mission. I look forward to his continued guidance and leadership within the organization as he takes this next step.

In addition, the company announced several promotions and the addition of a key position:

  • Rick DiBlasi was promoted from Vice President of Sales and Marketing to the newly created position of Chief Commercial Officer.
  • Kevin Scanlan was promoted from Vice President of Clinical Services to Senior Vice President of Clinical Services.
  • Don Hubbard was promoted from Vice President of Development to Senior Vice President of Development.
  • Ben Cottrill was promoted from director of product development to vice president of R&D.
  • Laura Keck will continue to serve as Chief Financial Officer.

Over the past two years, Checkpoint Surgical has expanded its national sales force for greater penetration in key markets and has also grown its R&D organization to support product line additions and extensions.

A legacy of innovation

Checkpoint Surgical launched the first Checkpoint Nerve Stimulator in 2009, inspiring surgeons to think differently about nerve protection and repair procedures. Checkpoint’s safe nerve stimulation technology has opened up opportunities for unexpected clinical applications, with surgeons themselves discovering innovative new uses for the device. Today, Checkpoint stimulators are considered the standard of care for intraoperative nerve stimulation. The devices are used daily for the protection, evaluation and repair of nerves in a wide variety of surgical procedures.

In May 2022, the company passed the milestone of 100,000 pacemakers sold. The growth of these products attests to their usefulness during nerve repair procedures. Going forward, Checkpoint plans to launch continuous enhancements to the product line to further increase its value for our customers.

A rapidly growing nerve care portfolio

Beyond nerve stimulation, Checkpoint Surgical continues to provide solutions for the entire continuum of intraoperative nerve care, from nerve protection and assessment, to nerve preparation and repair, to healing and nerve restoration.

  • In early 2021, Checkpoint Surgical acquired the NeuroShield® Chitosan Membrane from Swiss company Monarch BioImplants, adding chitosan-based nerve membrane to its product portfolio. NeuroShield can be used for the repair of peripheral nerve injuries by providing a protective barrier during tissue healing.
  • In July 2022, the company’s product line expanded again with the launch of the Checkpoint Edge™ Nerve Cutting Kit, adding nerve-specific surgical instruments to the portfolio. Checkpoint Edge uses circumferential restraint to maintain the natural shape of the nerve during transection and preserve the integrity of nerve tissue.
  • Meanwhile, the Checkpoint line of pacemakers continues to grow, with the planned launch of the Checkpoint Gemini bipolar pacemaker in September 2022. An evolution of the company’s flagship Checkpoint Guardian device, Checkpoint Gemini is designed to provide precise stimulation for specific clinical situations.

The company will showcase its entire expanded intraoperative nerve care portfolio at the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) annual conference at the end of September.

About Checkpoint Surgical

Checkpoint Surgical is a private medical device company based in Cleveland, Ohio. The company works with surgeons to advance the science and practice of peripheral nerve care through research, education and the development of innovative products. Checkpoint Surgical’s state-of-the-art nerve stimulation devices have become the standard of care for intraoperative nerve stimulation. The company is actively developing new products to support the entire continuum of intraoperative nerve care. For more information about Checkpoint Surgical, visit


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Christine E. Phillips