CMR Surgical announces 5,000 surgeries performed using the Versius surgical robot

Versius is now commonly used by surgeons across Europethe Middle East, Asia, Australia & Latin America. Designed for high utilization in operating rooms, Versius is used to perform a wide variety of routine and complex procedures in a range of specialties including gynecology, colorectal surgery, thoracic surgery, general surgery and Urology – from hernia repairs and hysterectomies to radical prostatectomies and lower anterior resections.

The 5,000e procedure was performed at Argenteuil Hospital, a public health center in Paris, Francewhere the doctor Patrick Bagan and his team successfully performed a lung bisegmentectomy for cancer.

Doctor Patrick BaganThoracic and Vascular Surgeon and Head of Department, Argenteuil Hospital, commented : “I am honored to have reached this important milestone with our partners, CMR and the Versius System. I am delighted to report that this complex procedure went as planned and the patient is recovering well. In Thoracic Surgery, Versius has transformed the way we treat lung cancer in Argenteuil and patients are seeing the benefits.”

“We have two Versius surgical robots here and we regularly treat many successful cases every week. Because it is small and modular, we can easily move the systems around the hospital and we regularly have two Versius procedures in different surgical specialties running simultaneously. Bagan added.

Patricia ChesnaisGeneral director, France & Benelux, CMR Surgical, commented: “I am very happy that the Argenteuil Hospital is sharing this stage with us. It has been an excellent partner since becoming the first public hospital in France to start using Versius in 2020. This is a great opportunity to celebrate its successful robotics program and the impact that partnerships like this have on the patients of France, Europe and the rest of the world.”

Although minimal access manual surgery (MAS) can be complex to perform, the benefits to patients are well recognized. Versius was designed to help patients around the world access the benefits of MAS.

By Vegard NersethGeneral Manager, CMR Surgical, commented : “5,000 cases is a big milestone for us at RMC. We set out to transform surgery for patients, and we truly believe we are achieving this as we expand into new countries and partner with more and more hospitals and surgeons around the world.

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The Versius® Surgical Robotic System

Versius® resets expectations of robotic surgery. Versius fits into virtually any operating room setup and integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, increasing the likelihood of minimal access robotic surgery (MAS). The compact, portable and modular design of Versius allows the surgeon to use only the number of arms needed for a given procedure.

Biomimicking the human arm, Versius offers surgeons the choice of optimized port placement, along with the dexterity and precision of small, full-wrist instruments. With 3D HD vision, easy-to-adopt instrument control, and a choice of ergonomic working positions, the Open Surgeon Console has the potential to reduce stress and fatigue and enables clear communication with the surgical team. By thinking laparoscopically and operating robotically with Versius, patients, surgeons and healthcare professionals can all benefit from the value that MAS robotics brings.

But it’s more than just a robot. Versius captures meaningful data with its broader digital ecosystem to support a surgeon’s continuous learning. Through the Versius Connect app, Versius Trainer and the CMR Clinical Registry, Versius unlocks a wealth of information to improve surgical care.

About CMR Surgical Limited

CMR Surgical (CMR) is a global medical device company dedicated to transforming surgery with Versius®a new generation surgical robot.

Based at Cambridge, United Kingdom, CMR is committed to working with surgeons, surgical teams and hospital partners, to provide an optimal tool to make minimal access robotic surgery universally accessible and affordable. With Versius, we are on a mission to redefine the surgical robotics market with practical, innovative technology and data that can improve surgical care.

Founded in 2014, CMR Surgical is a limited company backed by international shareholders.

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