CMR Surgical strengthens its surgical training with a new telementoring offer

CMR Surgical (CMR) – the global surgical robotics company – has launched partnerships with two telementoring companies – Teladoc Health and SurgEase Innovations Ltd – to enhance its support for the continuing education of surgical teams using the Versius® Surgical robotic system.

Telementoring systems use specialized monitors, audio systems and cameras to enable trainers and surgical preceptors to provide real-time guidance and technical assistance during surgical procedures, regardless of geography, to provide support clinical expert to the surgical team as they master Versius technology.

This additional remote support is provided to surgical teams as part of CMR’s comprehensive step-by-step training program, which utilizes enhanced virtual reality technology, extensive supervised training and preceptor support.

CMR will use Teladoc Health’s mini tabletop device; initial launch in hospitals in Europe, South America, India and Australia. CMR will use technology from SurgEase Innovation’s Connected Health Intelligence Platform (CHiP) in hospitals across the UK.

Mini Tabletop Device from Teladoc Health

Vanash Patel, colorectal consultant and general surgeon, West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, commented: “When developing your skills with Versius, being able to get technical advice from trainers and preceptors is crucial. As part of its preceptor program, CMR selects the right expert to support, first in person at the hospital and then via telementoring, meaning you can continue to get advice and support whenever you need it. you need. It’s as if the expert is in the room with you, seeing what you see, advising you in real time. Such technology will be of real benefit to the surgical team and their patients.

Fiona Morrison, Global Head of Professional Education, CMR Surgical, commented: “We want to make sure our training technology matches our next-generation Versius surgical robot. That’s why we’re excited to partner with both Teladoc Health and SurgEase Innovations to utilize their latest platforms.

“These telementoring devices will allow surgeons and their teams to access on-demand virtual assistance from our expert technical skills trainers and surgical preceptors as they progress through their learning curve. It’s an effective way to provide additional support to surgical teams as they hone their performance with Versius, helping them deliver the best patient care.

Andy Puterbaugh, President, Hospitals and Health Systems, Teladoc Health, commented: “We are delighted that CMR has chosen Teladoc to advance the skills and techniques of Versius robotic surgeons and teams around the world. By securely connecting our telehealth devices to Versius technology, surgeons, expert technical and clinical trainers, and surgical preceptors can easily collaborate to advance patient care and help achieve better outcomes.

Fareed Iqbal, Founder and CEO, SurgEase Innovations Ltd, commented: “Our partnership with CMR, a UK-based company that shares values ​​and ambitions aligned with ours, makes this business collaboration all the more meaningful. We look forward to merging our strengths in digital surgery to deliver high-quality technology to improve patient outcomes.

Christine E. Phillips