Company Spotlight: Carbon Medical Service

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Press release

Providing healthcare services to Carbon County longer than most of us are alive, Carbon Medical Service in Sunnyside, Helper and Price will celebrate 70 years in business on September 17th. This free community celebration will take place at the Carbon County Event Center from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. and will focus on showing the community how much Carbon Medical appreciates its patients and the community it serves.

“I believe we are the oldest health center in the state of Utah,” said Carolyn Abeyta, CEO of Carbon Medical. Carbon Medical opened in 1952 in Dragerton as part of Kaiser Permanente Dragerton Hospital. This building would remain until 1972 when this particular wooden structure was demolished and Carbon Medical built a clinic on the same site. Meanwhile, Carbon Medical Service was run by United Mine Workers of America.

“When the local mines began to close in the 1980s, it became difficult for the clinic to continue operating,” Abeyta explained. “So in 1992, Carbon Medical applied for funding through the Health Resource and Service Administration (HRSA).” The success of this app has enabled Carbon Medical to begin serving patients on a sliding fee scale based on their income and family size.

“This program has helped us help the most vulnerable patients,” Abeyta said. “These grants allow us to provide quality health care despite a patient’s financial situation. In addition to the Schedule, Carbon Medical accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. Carbon Medical Service has always served Carbon and Emery counties and has worked to expand its coverage and access by opening clinics in Helper and Price.

In 2019, a new clinic was built in Sunnyside with a grant from HRSA, which now allows the clinics to serve approximately 4,000 patients in the Carbon Corridor.

“We have expanded our services to include medical, behavioral health, pharmacy and dental services,” Abeyta said. Clinic officials include: CMO Dr. Cam Williams, MD; Dr. Doug Perkins, DO; Joe Morrison, DNP; Dylan Taylor, PA-C; Jordan Tatton, DNP; Kourtney Atwood, DNP; Haven Halk, FNP; Jeff Cowley, DPN; Russell Scow, MD; Mike Smith, Doctor of Pharmacy; Dane Keil, Director of Behavioral Health, CMHC; Devin Edwards, LCSW; Gypsie Delgado, LCSW; Dan Gibson, CMHC; and Dannette Moynier, LCSW. Carbon Medical dental services are provided by Dr. Jordan Kofoed, DDS and Hygienist Misty Metelko.

Please join the staff at all three Carbon Medical Clinics on September 17th for an incredible community celebration. This event will be exciting for the whole family, including food vendors, a wine and beer bar, two live bands, bouncing houses for the kids and an indoor “drive in” movie with popcorn and free cotton candy to end the night.

Brittany Zele, who has been with the company for nine years, said, “We are thrilled to be able to host a fun family event for our community, and we hope everyone finds time to celebrate with us!

For 70 years, Carbon Medical’s mission has been to provide access to quality health care for all.

Christine E. Phillips