ConciergeNP offers preoperative surgical clearance for patients preparing for planned surgery

The Florida-based healthcare center is providing preoperative surgical clearance for patients undergoing surgery within the next 2-4 weeks. ConciergeNP schedules medical exams and a pre-surgical assessment for these patients during which the primary care physicians and nurse practitioner assess their overall health and make recommendations that will help make their surgery and recovery as safe as possible. .

Hallandale, Florida – April 18, 2022 – ConciergeNP, an up-and-coming and trusted health service provider and weight management center serving Broward and Miami-Dade counties, offers preoperative surgical clearance, which is a reimbursable visit, but insurance can be used for laboratory tests and other diagnostic tests. . This facility is available to those who are from out of town and do not have a PCP (primary care provider) or those who are local without a PCP. Preoperative surgical clearance is provided to a patient undergoing a planned surgery within the next 15-30 days after a detailed examination Preoperative evaluation, which includes the identification and diagnosis of any comorbidities that may lead to complications in the patient during the anesthetic, surgical or postoperative period.

“The purpose of the preoperative medical evaluation is to assess what medical problems are present and how those problems might affect a patient’s operative risk.” Said Mrs. Ellis. “Preoperative medical tests provide the patient and surgeon with “realistic expectations” about complications that may arise during and after surgery. The assessment provides considerable time to address any medical issues that may negatively impact the surgical process.

As part of the preoperative surgical clearance, extensive preoperative testing is performed, including orders requested by surgeons, such as:

▪ Physical examination

▪ Medical clearance letter

▪ Laboratory tests [Blood Tests including but not limited to CBC (Completed Blood Count)]

▪ Kidney tests

▪ Liver tests

▪ Blood glucose tests

▪ Chest x-ray to check patients lungs

▪ ECG (electrocardiogram) to check patients heart

▪ Pulmonary function tests

▪ Cardiac stress tests

▪ Imaging tests like MRI

▪ Respiratory investigations

▪ Urinalysis

In addition to these tests, the nurse practitioner also monitors and treats abnormal lab values ​​if necessary. After performing these extensive preoperative medical tests, the patient receives preoperative surgical clearance and this clearance letter is sent to the surgeon’s offices.

“Studies have shown that a physical exam and medical evaluation before surgery can help shorten recovery times and lead to better outcomes; therefore, it is essential for a patient preparing for a planned surgery to have this preoperative medical evaluation, and ConciergeNP is here to provide this service at an affordable price. Says Ms. Ellis, owner of ConciergeNP and APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse). “Our mission in providing preoperative surgical clearances is to ensure that patients undergo their surgery in the healthiest, safest, and smoothest way possible.”

At ConciergeNP, the primary goal of preoperative medical evaluation is to identify and optimize conditions that increase preoperative morbidity and mortality. The structure of preoperative medical tests is solely based on the patient’s clinical history, comorbidities, and physical examination findings. A patient with signs and symptoms of active cardiovascular disease should be evaluated with appropriate tests, regardless of preoperative status.

To schedule your preoperative surgical clearance with ConciergeNP, visit: or Call: 754-888-9745

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About ConciergeNP

ConciergeNP commenced operations on July 14, 2020 as a mobile healthcare service provider and brings healthcare to homebound patients in the privacy of their homes. It offers a wide range of healthcare services, including IV vitamin hydration therapy and annual physical exams, to patients 18 and older in a family-centered environment. ConciergeNP is for patients in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. It also offers mobile health services.

Key healthcare services offered by ConciergeNP include:

• Primary care services

• IV hydration therapy

• Well-being examination

• Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for aesthetic and sexual dysfunction

• Drug testing at work

• Covid-19 testing

• Weight management

• Non-emergency care

• Preventive care

• Annual physical exams

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• Men’s health

• Standard testing

• Physical points

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