Cura Surgical Wins Vizient Innovative Technology Contract

Argentum Medical, dba Cura Surgical, a private medical device company, announced that its Silverlon antimicrobial dressings have received an innovative technology contract from Vizient, Inc.

Cura Surgical is honored by this recognition and proud of its Silverlon products which demonstrate unique qualities and differentiation from other antimicrobial dressings on the market.

Argentum Medical, dba Cura Surgical, a privately-held medical device company, announced that its Silverlon antimicrobial dressings have been awarded an innovative technology contract by Vizient, Inc., the leading consumer-led healthcare performance improvement company. members in the country. The contract was based on Silverlon’s recommendation by health clinicians in this category.

Innovative Technology Contracts are recommended after review and interaction with products submitted through Vizient’s Innovative Technology Program. Cura Surgical had the privilege of presenting Silverlon antimicrobial dressings at the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange last September. The exchange offers selected vendors the unique opportunity to demonstrate their technologies to the supply chain and clinical managers of Vizient member hospitals and the subject matter experts who sit on their procurement boards. Each technology demonstrates how it improves clinical outcomes, improves safety, or drives incremental improvements in healthcare delivery or business models.

“Our goal is to help healthcare professionals provide the highest level of care to their patients,” said Raul Brizuela, President and CEO of Cura Surgical. “We are honored by this recognition and proud of our products which demonstrate unique qualities and differentiators from other antimicrobial dressings on the market.”

Vizient’s recognition of Silverlon’s innovative technology is further validated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) 2021 Breakthrough Device Designation for Silverlon Wound and Burn Contact Dressings. This FDA designation is an exceptional status granted to certain devices and device-directed combination products that enable more effective treatment or diagnosis of life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions, granted to only 206 devices in 2021.

Silverlon dressings contain 50 to 100 times more pure silver than other silver-infused dressings and are backed by published clinical studies in many specialties. The unique action of ionic silver makes it an ideal element in an antimicrobial dressing. Originally developed to treat burns and blasts for the US military, Silverlon dressings are now used worldwide by surgeons and other healthcare professionals on surgical wounds, burns, vascular access, circulatory support and negative pressure wound therapy.

“A product receives this type of contract when it demonstrates a unique quality that differentiates it from other products on the market,” said Kelly Flaharty, Senior Director of Contract Process for Vizient. “Our Board of Members has determined that Silverlon Antimicrobial Dressings meet this standard and recognize their potential to improve the quality of outcomes. »

Vizient represents a diverse member base that includes academic medical centers, pediatric facilities, community hospitals, integrated healthcare delivery networks, and non-acute healthcare providers and represents over $130 billion in volume annual purchase. Through his Innovative Technology Program, Vizient works with councils and member-led task forces to evaluate products based on their potential to bring real innovation to healthcare. Vizient may award a contract to products deemed worthy of the Innovative Technology designation outside of the competitive bidding cycle.

About Cura Surgical

Cura Surgical, an Argentum Medical company, pioneered the use of silver plated nylon. Specializing in the development of innovative products made from silver-plated nylon, the company continues to explore new applications and new markets for its Silverlon technology, in line with its corporate mission to improve clinical outcomes.


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