Discharge 1-2-3 expands to surgical centers to improve pre-op and post-op care

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., October 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Callibra, Inc. dba Discharge 1-2-3 today announced the recent expansion of its award-winning composer® product for surgical centers and ambulatory surgery centers (ASC). Composer® augments pre- and post-operative care by providing personalized patient and procedure specific instruction and training to promote optimal patient outcomes and prevent readmissions.

Clough Surgical Center, Emerson Hospital, Concord MAa leading institution, was looking for a solution that would deliver both better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction through high-quality teaching and training content and an efficient workflow for clinicians.

Wendy RepucciBSN, RN and nurse manager of Clough Surgical Center, played a key role in selecting Composer®. The 30-year veteran nurse at Emerson said, “Patient education plays an important role in every patient’s recovery outcome. The 1-2-3 dump provides easy-to-read materials that are offered in multiple languages, which improves patient care and promotes patient satisfaction in an easy-to-use and time-saving manner Educational materials, such as Discharge teaching materials, must be based on evidence-based practice and tailored to the specific needs of the patient and this is precisely what the 1-2-3 discharge achieves.”

Discharge 1-2-3 software products offer powerful user functionality and multilingual libraries of patient education content, both standalone and as components that can be integrated into many EMRs and surgical information systems. It automates and streamlines the discharge process and provides a level of personalized, patient-specific bilingual instruction that is not otherwise easy to achieve without compromising efficiency.

Echoing Clough’s thought, Dr. Christopher GalassiMD MS, CEO of Callibra, Inc., said, “Patients who understand their procedure and know what to expect after their procedure are better participants and partners in their own care. This partnership with patients translates into better outcomes and greater overall patient satisfaction. Bilingual materials in patients’ native language help ensure the same quality and equity for all patients in the community. We are very excited to be part of cutting edge care at Clough Surgical Center.

Designed by doctors for doctors, Discharge 1-2-3 products are used both in the United States and abroad and offer content in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Canadian French, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic and Persian. Callibra software and user interface designs are covered by multiple US and international patents.

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Based at Schaumburg, IL, Discharge 1-2-3 – Callibra, Inc. is a patient documentation technology company and former Chicago Innovation Award winner. Fully integrated or interfaced into many major EMRs and surgical information systems. Examples include Epic, Altera, Meditech, Picis PulseCheck, CMR and others. 1-2-3 exit solutions are used in hundreds of hospitals for tens of millions of patient exits each year. http://www.discharge123.com/

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