Fine increases healthcare coverage for children with cleft lip and palate abnormalities

SPRINGFIELD — Sen. Laura Fine (D-Glenview) is working to ensure children with cleft lip and palate defects have access to the healthcare coverage they need to prevent complications as they age. ‘they grow up.

“Children and their families shouldn’t have to face expensive fees to get the treatment they need for a cleft lip defect in a child,” said Senator Fine. “I am happy that we are moving this bill forward so that this health treatment is more accessible to our children.”

House Bill 4349 would require state-regulated health insurance policies to cover all medically necessary care and treatment of cleft lip and palate defects for children under age 19. Cleft lip and cleft palate abnormalities can have significant impacts on children’s health and well-being. , such as interfering with their ability to breathe, speak or eat normally. However, treatments for these abnormalities are sometimes considered cosmetic and are denied coverage by many insurance companies. This leaves many children without access to the health care they need to correct these abnormalities.

“Cleft lip and palate abnormalities can have a serious impact on a child’s quality of life and can lead to significant health problems later in life if left untreated,” said Senator Fine. “Prompt treatment is imperative, and this bill will ensure that children and their families won’t have to worry about delayed or denied procedures, but will get that treatment as part of their insurance plan when their doctor says so. will recommend.”

House Bill 4349 passed the Senate on Wednesday and is heading for the governor’s office before becoming law.


Christine E. Phillips