Free 3-day health and surgery camps start in Tura

Round : With the aim of providing free medical and surgical services as well as making basic health care accessible to all, a 3-day health camp is being held from November 14 to 16 at Jengjal Subdivisional Hospital in Tura under Hills west of Garo.

A panel of doctors from Malaysia and Vellore will perform free health checks during the 3-day health camp. The sub-division hospital is operated by the Adventist Mission Hospital Society.

While the health check-up camp is held in the building of the Social Mobilization Experimentation and Learning Center (SMELC) in Tura between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m., the medical and surgical camp is held in the hospital of Jengjal.

The health check includes free tests for blood pressure, BMI and body fat calculation, basic heart and lung risk assessment and health age calculation.

The advice provided by Malaysian doctors will cover healthy lifestyles, disease risk reduction, stress relief, simple home remedies, as well as the importance of good nutrition.

At the sub-divisional hospital, doctors from Vellore will perform eye and dental exams as well as medical, pulmonary and pediatric exams.

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