GGML and Rafiki Surgical Mission donate two ambulances to Geita District

Speaking at the handover ceremony at Nzera in Geita, GGML Managing Director Terry Strong said in conjunction with Rafiki’s Surgical Mission that he decided to donate the two ambulances as they are much needed. to save the lives of many patients in Geita District Council.

“Geita District Council requested two ambulances from GGML to assist the community as some patients had not been able to reach Geita Referral Hospital which is far from Nzega and other District Council areas from Geita.

“GGML Surgical Mission and Rafiki have responded positively to the request as they are good development partners supporting health projects over the past 20 years,” he said and added that GGML Surgical Mission and Rafiki had a strong partnership since 2000 through cleft lip and palate. operation and more than 1,700 patients have benefited from the Mission.

Mr. Terry further explained that GGML has spent more than $5 billion to support health infrastructure and the provision of medical equipment over the past 20 years since it began operations in Geita.

GGML has supported the construction of Geita Referral Hospital, the construction and completion of more than 10 health facilities in Geita Town. In addition, construction of 4 new health centers, upgrading of Kasota health center and completion of many other health facilities and provision of medical equipment for Katoro and Bukoli health centers under the council of Geita district.

Geita District Commissioner Wilson Shimo, on behalf of the government, acknowledged GGML’s support in saving the lives of patients in Geita District, saying the support would play a good role in reducing death rates in his area. He called on other partners in Geita District Council to work with the government to reduce health problems in Geita.

“GGML has been a very good partner in supporting different health projects in the Geita region and in Tanzania in general. Last year, GGML donated a brand new microscope to support the fight against tuberculosis in the mining areas of Geita,” he said, adding that GGML runs different health programs together with the government. to solve the health problems in Geita,” he said.

Since its inception, GGML has been working closely with the government, especially the Geita district and city councils to support various sustainable community projects in the Geita area. The company is also one of the leading companies supporting national programs through public-private partnerships, including the Kilimanjaro HIV and AIDS Challenge, which has become the world’s largest HIV-AIDS initiative. led by the private sector in Tanzania.

In line with its core value of helping the Geita community achieve sustainable socio-economic development that survives its mining activities, GGML has a comprehensive program of direct investment within the Geita community through a series of development projects. infrastructure and improved services, including clean and safe water. procurement, education and economic development activities in the agriculture, construction and service sectors.

Between 2018 and 2020, GGML also donated medical equipment to health facilities in Geita and neighboring areas worth more than 300 million/-, the beneficiaries of which include health facilities in Katoro, Kasota and Bukoli. in the outskirts of the town of Geita as well as the regional reference hospital of Sekou Touré in Mwanza. GGML is the leader in the mining industry, both in terms of revenue generated for the government, jobs for Tanzanians and investments in sustainable community development.

Christine E. Phillips