Italian surgeons arrive in Peshawar to perform cleft lip surgery – Newspaper

PESHAWAR: A team of 10 surgeons have arrived from Italy to perform free surgeries on children with cleft lip and palate at the Burn and Plastic Surgery Centre, Hayatabad Medical Complex.

“Globally, there is one case of cleft lip and palate in every 1,400 people, but in Pakistan the ratio is 1:500 because the defect is directly linked to poverty, malnutrition and cousin marriages” , said Professor Tehmeedullah, director of the center. Dawn.

The team of visiting surgeons includes Dr. Fabio Abenavoli, Fabio Pierannunzi, Stefano Antonelli, Christian Coppolino, Francesca Paris and others, who are members of Smile Train International, an NGO, performing free surgery of children with cleft lips and palates to allow them to remove their deformities and live normally.

Professor Tehmeed said the families of these children faced social stigma.

The visiting team will also organize a seminar on health journalism

He added that it had been noted that parents could not date affected children in public due to social stigma.

“We started these free operations in 2002. So far, we have operated on 5,000 patients, the results of which meet international standards. During the one-week activities, our team will perform about 70 surgeries free of charge,” he said.

Dr Tehmeed, who is also the president of the Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons, said the main cause for the increase in cleft lip and palate cases in the country was cousin marriages as well as poverty.

“We can reduce the burden by avoiding cousin marriages and ensuring pregnant women see doctors regularly so they can get prenatal care and use multivitamins as advised by their doctors. We recommend birth spacing to reduce incidences,” he said.

He said the ideal age to have cleft lip surgery was six months and for the palate, 18 months. He said pregnant women should also check their blood pressure regularly to avoid complications.

Professor Tehmeed said the visiting team of internationally renowned surgeons would also examine the patients, who had developed post-burn complications and contractures and head and neck reconstructions. “We expect more than 200 procedures, large and small, by the team, which will be supported by our nine faculty members, as many consultants and 19 trainee physicians,” he added.

He said they asked patients with complicated problems to come in to be examined by experienced surgeons free of charge. “We hope that most patients, who have received post-burn treatment, will benefit from it. Hand deformities are another area where we have called on people to take center stage and get free checkups and surgeries,” he added.

Prof Tehmeed said they have also planned to expand plastic surgery and reconstruction services to other districts.

“There are many patients who come to the 120-bed center for treatment. They develop complications when coming to the centre. Once we train surgeons and infrastructure at the district level, we can achieve the desired results and stay safe from serious problems in the future,” he added.

The visiting team, he said, would also hold a seminar on “eye care and health journalism” under the supervision of medical journalist Lucas Duran, a member of the team, at the Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology (PICO), Hayatabad Medical Complex on Tuesday. .

He said PICO Chairman Prof. Sanaullah Jan would host the event where issues relating to health journalism would be discussed by experts.

Posted in Dawn, May 9, 2022

Christine E. Phillips