Non-profit Smile Global Surgery Celebrates World Smile Day

On World Smile Day, Operation Smile celebrates 40 years of smiles. Dedicated healthcare professionals from around the world volunteer their time to spread kindness and smiles to patients living in countries in need alongside this amazing organization.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia., October 7, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — World Smile Day is held annually on the first Friday in October. Created by Harvey Ball, the inventor of the smiley, World Smile Day is a day dedicated to spreading smiles and kindness around the world. At Operation Smile, dedicated medical volunteers from around the world come together to spread happiness and kindness by providing life-changing cleft surgery and comprehensive care to patients living in countries in need.

In 2022, Operation Smile conducted 151 surgical programs in 28 countries. Over the years, Operation Smile has established 35 permanent care centers in 20 countries so that local volunteer medical teams are able to provide exceptional care while adhering to strict safety protocols. Through the continued development of these comprehensive care centers and the provision of training and education opportunities, Operation Smile aims to not only treat patients living in disadvantaged communities, but to improve the way global health systems provide long-term care.

These 35 comprehensive care centers provide patients with dental care, speech therapy, psychosocial care, nutritional support, and more to help them treat their cleft condition beyond reconstructive surgery. This ongoing care ensures Operation Smile patients can achieve a healthier, brighter future and opens up a world of opportunity.

During these 151 surgical programs and at its care centers around the world, Operation Smile’s medical volunteers have provided approximately 40,000 patients with more than 151,000 specialist consultations, including surgical and comprehensive care services. Of these patients, Operation Smile provided 20,776 with surgical and dental care at medical programs, care centers and partner hospitals. Since its founding in 1982, Operation Smile has helped more than 346,000 people receive life-changing surgical and dental care.

This year, the organization celebrates 40 years of spreading smiles and building lasting relationships with partners, patients and volunteers around the world. Looking to the next decade, the organization is working towards an ambitious goal of providing access to care for 1 million patients. And after four decades of service and more than 6,000 passionate and dedicated medical volunteers supporting Operation Smile’s mission, the organization is poised to expand its impact into the future.

About Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a global non-profit organization specializing in specialist cleft surgery and care. For the past 40 years, we have provided medical expertise, research and care through our dedicated staff and medical and student volunteers around the world, in collaboration with local governments, non-profit organizations and health systems, and supported by our generous donors. Learn more about or by following @operationsmile on social media.


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