Olympus launches new surgical visualization platform

[Image from Olympus]

Olympus today announced the launch of its Visera Elite III surgical visualization platform for endoscopic surgery.

Tokyo-based Olympus designed the Visera Elite III system to deliver all imaging capabilities on a single platform. Its uses include minimally invasive procedures such as laparoscopic colectomy and laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Visera Elite III combines the 3D and infrared imaging capabilities of the previous generation with the 4K imaging capabilities of the Visera 4K UHD system. It also supports fluorescence-guided surgery, according to a press release. Olympus said it supports standardization and increases efficiency in the operating room with multiple viewing modes. It also offers custom department profiles for different surgical departments.

The platform can also be upgraded with software as needed. Olympus has equipped the Visera Elite III with a focus adjustment mode for 4K surgical observation. It also has an improved depth of field function for precise endoscopic observation.

Olympus has combined its medical device expertise with digital imaging technology from Sony to create Visera Elite III. The companies developed it through the Sony Olympus Medical Solutions joint venture.

“The Visera Elite III offers a premier surgical visualization platform designed for multiple disciplines and configurations, allowing healthcare professionals to fully focus on their patients during surgery,” said Kanichi Matsumoto, Global Head of Surgical Endoscopy at Olympus. “By incorporating the technologies of our predecessor products Visera Elite II and Visera 4K UHD into a single platform, we will improve the quality of endoscopic surgery, contribute to greater efficiency in the operating room and raise the standard of care. medical.

Christine E. Phillips