Top-Rated Women’s Health Destination Viva Eve Opens Surgical Suite, Expands Procedures to Include Plastic Surgery at Flagship Manhattan Location

New surgical offerings support Viva Eve’s mission to provide 360° personalized care tailored to the needs and lifestyle of women, at every stage of life

NEW YORK, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, viva eve, the New York one first health destination offering integrated specialist care for women – from obstetrics services and fibroid treatments to nutrition – under one warm and welcoming roof, opens surgery room at their flagship manhattan location. The first of its kind, Viva Eve offers integrated 1-Roof care that provides patients with a single destination where they can manage all aspects of their overall health. Viva Eve currently has a diverse team of highly qualified medical specialists in the field of women’s health: obstetrics, gynecology, minimally invasive gynecological surgery, diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, anesthesiology and nutrition. Viva Eve has now added Plastic surgery services that offer a coordinated approach to your health and wellness goals.

The new on-site OR now includes extra large AAAASF-certified ORs with the latest and most advanced technology. Private recovery bays feature patient beds that include patient warming devices (the Bair Hugger System) to keep patients at a comfortable body temperature and allow them to recover and be closely monitored after the procedure.

All elements of Viva Eve’s surgical suite at its flagship 12,000 square foot Madison Avenue location were designed and engineered with the patient experience at the forefront. From 14 temperature-controlled zones throughout the space for optimal patient comfort, non-porous medical-grade surfaces to maintain a sterile environment, to innovative sound-absorbing technology called “Pink Next Gen Fiberglass”, no element has neglected to achieve the highest quality care for patients.

“Women’s experience of healthcare is often disjointed – consisting of visits to multiple doctors and specialists, inconsistent diagnoses, and a general lack of education about many of the issues women face. Our goal is to provide world-class care where women can receive diagnosis, consultation, treatment and post-operative care all in one place by leading providers with decades of combined experience,” said dr. James A. GoharCo-founder and CEO viva eve.

Viva Eve’s immediate goal with the expansion into plastics is to help women who often struggle to come to their senses after having children, particularly in the breast and abdominal areas. Diastasis recti, a common condition in which the muscles in the abdomen separate, affects 40% of postpartum women who suffer from stomach swelling. Now, Viva Eve women who have already established care with providers they know and trust have the option of receiving plastic surgery services led by a board-certified plastic surgeon. dr. Lawrence S. Reed. Procedures featured include: diastasis recti repair, tummy tucks, liposuction, breast lift, and breast augmentation. From obstetrics and fibroid services to plastic surgery, Viva Eve is reimagining women’s health with deep partnership and a holistic approach for every woman.

Patients can go online to to schedule their free consultation at the Manhattan Flagship, located at the corner of 59th Street and Madison Avenue. Viva Eve accepts most major insurance plans.

Founded by dr. James A. Gohar and Nehal Farouky, Viva Eve is a women’s health and fibroid center in New York City born from a simple belief: there has to be a better way to approach women’s health care. A woman’s healthcare journey that was once fragmented, disjointed and rushed with multiple visits to different specialists and practices, and a lack of education about her options was unfortunately all too common. Viva Eve wanted to change that with a health center that offers women a holistic approach, combined with a welcoming and comforting environment and innovative technology, all under one roof.

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