Versius installed at the Institut Curie as part of a research partnership

CMR Surgical (CMR) – the global society for surgical robotics – announces that Institut Curie, France’s leading cancer research center, has introduced the Versius® Surgical Robotic System as part of a two-year clinical study partnership. The Versius system will initially be dedicated to gynecological cancer surgery with a focus on minimally invasive hysterectomies.

“This technology allows our hospital to stay at the forefront of innovation”, said Professor Steven Le Gouill, Director of the Hospital Center of the Institut Curie. “This partnership with CMR Surgical brings Institut Curie into the field of robotics research through two new clinical studies”.

The first study, which will begin after an in-depth training program for Institut Curie teams, will compare conventional and robot-assisted surgery. Its objective is twofold: to evaluate the benefits of robotic surgery for hysterectomy operations and to study how the use of robotic surgery could modify the eligibility of patients for hysterectomy. The second study will focus on the ergonomics offered by Versius.

Dr Olivier Choussy, head of the oncological surgery department at Institut Curie, said: “The benefits of robotic surgery are numerous, especially for patients. There is a reduction in postoperative pain and the risk of complications, and better long-term tolerance after laparotomy. And from the point of view of practitioners and caregivers, our practice will be greatly enriched, and the intervention time will be more efficient. The arrival of this assistive technology is a real breakthrough for the entire operating room.

In addition to patient benefits and improved ergonomics for the operating surgeon, Versius is part of a digital ecosystem that collects data throughout the procedure, providing a wealth of information that can help surgeons and hospitals to provide the best surgical care.

Dr. Mark Slack, Chief Medical Officer of CMR Surgical, said: “We are delighted to partner with Institut Curie, a leading cancer research and treatment center with world-renowned expertise. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to research and the establishment of an evidence-based approach to surgical robotics. We hope that the studies carried out within the framework of this partnership will contribute to advancing knowledge on the benefits and indications of robotic surgery in oncology.

Patricia Chesnais, Managing Director France & Benelux, CMR Surgical commented : “We are proud of this collaboration with the Institut Curie, which demonstrates the dynamic deployment of Versius in France, as well as the interest that centers of excellence and research companies have for the Versius system.

Christine E. Phillips