World’s First Surgeon-Controlled Multi-Camera Laparoscopic Viewing System Simplifies Procedures – Surgical Techniques

Image: The VisionPort system facilitates more efficient minimally invasive surgical procedures (Photo courtesy of New View Surgical)

A new surgical imaging and access system simplifies laparoscopic procedures by reducing the need for a separate camera port and camera stand, reducing the need for a separate surgical team member to hold and manage a laparoscope.

The VisionPort System from New View Surgical, Inc. (Boston, MA, USA) is the world’s first surgeon-controlled multi-camera laparoscopic viewing system that simplifies laparoscopic procedures for hospitals. Its dual-camera design provides multiple simultaneous views of anatomy and surgical instruments – unavailable with conventional laparoscopic systems. In emerging markets, the US FDA-cleared VisionPort system can significantly reduce the capital-intensive equipment currently required to perform minimally invasive surgery and, therefore, make advanced technology more accessible. The VisionPort is intended for use in a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the thoracic and abdominal cavities. It is adaptable to a wide variety of surgical environments, representing a significant market opportunity.

The VisionPort system allows the surgeon to control the endoscope and keep the instrument tip in the field of view at all times. This has significant potential to make the operation easier for the surgeon and reduce risk for the patient. In addition, the VisionPort offers multiple simultaneous views of the operating field. Previously, changing the viewing angle was only possible by removing the laparoscope and moving it to another port, which often wasted time and caused frustration. Additionally, the VisionPort eliminates a separate incision and the need for a surgical assistant to hold the endoscope. Eliminating the camera port and assistant means surgeons and hospitals can expand access to the operating room without increasing staffing requirements. This increased efficiency is good for the surgeon, the facility and, most importantly, the patient.

“We are excited to bring this breakthrough technology to leading hospitals and surgical teams that supports our mission to advance the growth of minimally invasive surgical procedures worldwide, holistically addressing the clinical, operational and financial needs of the operating room,” Bryce Klontz said. , Chairman and CEO.

“The VisionPort system is unique in that it provides surgeons with new views of the operating field, workflow efficiencies for staff, reduced risks for the patient and reduced costs for the facility” , added Shane Johnson, Chief Commercial Officer.

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