Xcelerate, Inc. Files Surgical Medical Device Patent

MAULDIN, SC/ACCESSWIRE/March 25, 2022/ Xcelerate, Inc. (OTC Markets: XCRT) recently announced that it has signed a membership interest purchase agreement to acquire a 51% stake in AfiyaSasa Africa, LLC, (“ASA”) a technology start-up medical and virtual health, recently founded by Dr. Dilan Ellegala and Doyle Word.

Today, Xcelerate is proud to announce that it has been granted patent pending status for its first invention “Surgical Tools with Targeting Guidance”. Filed under application number 63/323,112 on Thursday, March 24and. This app represents the beginning of Xcelerate’s stated mission to “take advances in non-medical engineering and apply them to clinical care.” The co-inventors of this patent application are Xcelerate Advisory Board members Dr. Anja Glisovic and Dr. Dilan Ellegala.

“This filing is the first in a series of anticipated related patents that Xcelerate expects to file in the coming months,” said Michael O’Shea Xcelerate CEO.

“The device improves the handling and precision of surgical tools by helping the surgeon observe the surgical site. It can adjust tool alignment and target acquisition. It will embed the target marker projection into the tool and use camera miniaturization. It will be able to give the surgeon a first person “tool view” of the surgical site as well as information about the distance between the tool and the planned surgical incision point in real time. This will allow procedures to progress faster and with pinpoint accuracy. This improvement will benefit both patients and surgeons,” commented Dr. Glisovic. Dr. Glisovic received her doctorate in X-rays and materials physics from Germany’s Georg-August University and later became head of the R&D laboratory, scientific director of the Fraunhoffer Institute, the world’s leading applied research organization. It holds numerous patents in the fields of medical devices, chemical engineering, small arms and ammunition.

“Dr. Glisovic believes these instruments will be adaptable to many existing surgical devices, further enhancing the market potential of these surgical instruments.” existing instrument manufacturers,” said O’Shea. “The combination of these advances, together with the coating technology demonstrated in the existing patent license, should enable many surgical drills to perform at higher speeds with a smaller instrument profile,” Dr. Ellegala commented.

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