Xironetic Receives FDA Clearance for Augmented Reality Surgical Software

OKLAHOMA CITY–()–Xironetic (chiro-net-ik)an early-stage healthcare technology company, today announced that its IntraOpVSP™ augmented reality (AR) visualization software for complex surgeries has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance. United States.

IntraOpVSP displays the patient’s CT and MRI as three-dimensional holograms in AR headsets, helping surgeons visualize surgical plans, anatomical targets, and cutting guides alongside or superimposed on the patient. The software can be used during surgery and preoperative planning and includes hand tracking and voice recognition features.

Current and anticipated use cases for IntraOpVSP are expected to align with the needs of physicians in the disciplines of general, craniofacial and maxillofacial, neuro, orthopedic, plastic, thoracic, and vascular surgery.

“IntraOpVSP is an extension of the virtual surgical planning tools used today, bringing insights from 3D visualization of CT and MRI data into the operating room to support improved surgical outcomes,” said Christian El-Amm. , MD, Founder of Xironetic and Chief Pediatric Surgeon. at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. “Our software is a huge step forward for surgeons and their patients, and FDA clearance is another milestone for its introduction into operating rooms around the world.”

About Xironetic

Xironetics (chiro-net-ik) develops extended reality medical solutions and is on a mission to make every surgery better. The company’s IntraOpVSP™ software combines augmented reality and computer vision to support complex surgical procedures. The United States Food and Drug Administration licensed the software for use in 2022. Xironetic is headquartered in Oklahoma City. Follow our progress on https://www.xironetic.com and join us on LinkedIn.

Christine E. Phillips