Zeta Surgical Appoints Professor James Choi as Head of Focused Ultrasound in Promoting Incisionless Brain Surgery

BOSTON, August 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zeta Surgical, a surgical robotics and mixed reality company, has appointed Dr. james choi from Imperial College London as Head of Focused Ultrasound. Dr. Choi will lead the development of an ultrasound device that will be used with Zeta Surgical’s neurosurgical navigation technology to facilitate drug delivery to the brain.

Dr Choi is Associate Professor and Founding Director of the Non-Invasive Surgery and Biopsy Laboratory at Imperial College London. A recognized leader in the field, he is the recipient of the prestigious Frederic Lizzi Award and the Frederick V. Hunt Fellowship in Acoustics. His research focuses on the development of ultrasound technologies that non-invasively and locally modify the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. Dr. Choi completed his doctorate at Colombia University and his post-doctoral fellowship at University of Oxford.

“I am thrilled to join the team at Zeta Surgical, whose vision is so aligned with my work. For decades, neurological diseases have seen the least advancement in treatment – ​​there are many powerful drugs available, but cannot cross the blood-brain barrier Ultrasound machine combined with Zeta Surgical’s navigation technology will make drug delivery to the brain seamless, treating the many patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and brain cancers” , says Dr. Choi.

“We believe our navigation and robotics platform has the potential to make focused ultrasound and other non-invasive therapies safer, more effective and more accessible, and we are excited to partner with Dr. Choi on this mission,” said Jose Amichco-founder and CEO of Zeta Surgical.

“We are excited about the potential for a focused ultrasound solution, guided by Zeta’s precision navigation, to dramatically improve CNS drug delivery and increase drug efficacy for conditions such as breast cancer. brain and Alzheimer’s disease,” says Matt Fates, partner at Innospark Ventures and board member of Zeta Surgical.

About Zeta Surgical

Zeta Surgical is a digital surgery company focused on improving the accuracy, safety and affordability of image-guided procedures. Its navigation and robotics platform, Zeta, leverages advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence to enable image guidance right at the point-of-care, creating new possibilities in areas such as healthcare emergency and interventional medicine. Zeta Surgical was founded by Harvard graduates and faculty and is backed by leading investors. To learn more, visit: www.zetasurgical.com.

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